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Map to us:

3064 County Road 4215

Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455

Phone: (903)563-0629

Email: team@guesshaus.net

Guesshaus produces AKC German Shepherds

Guesshaus maintains a good standing with American Kennel Club, The German Shepherd Dog Club of America & The Longview Kennel Club.  

Present for every birth, documenting the weight and health of each pup.

The grow-out building is heated and cooled depending on Texas weather. However, we have the females whelp inside our home, where they remain for two weeks.

Puppies are litterbox trained to ease house training in their new homes.

We show and compete with our dogs our breeding goals are to offer healthy, breed-standard, sound-temperament dogs.

Guesshaus puppies go to approved homes. Approval is required before funds are accepted.​ A written contract required for all pups. Guesshaus puppies are microchipped to guarantee a life free from the danger of shelter/pounds puppies. We take our puppies back in the event things do not work out.


Vaccines are shipped overnight on ice to us, we handle them with recommended veterinary protocols to ensure vaccine efficacy. Vaccinations are based on veterinary protocols, first set of Nobivac 5 way at 6 weeks. However, we have added safety measures for NEOPAR at 3 weeks of age. This vaccine overrides the Maternal antibodies, safeguarding young puppies against parvo. We guarantee our pups’ health 72 hours after leaving our home for infectious diseases and genetic defects. Please refer to our contract for terms.

Parasite Protocols

Our health program includes parasite control in breeding animals. We vaccinate the dam before breeding. Furthermore, treat her with Ivermectin at 0-30-60 days of gestation. This eliminates the transfer of parasites to her puppies at first milk. Furthermore, puppies are dewormed at ages 2 weeks, 4th, 6th, and 8th weeks.


We use and recommend NuVet Plus starting at weaning to bridge the immunity gap and boost the immature immune systems of puppies. Starting NuVet Plus now is important to helping your puppy grow into a healthy adult. When ordering, please use our order code 638754 and save. 

We Recommend NuVet

Health Testing

Our pups are produced by health-tested parents. We give a 25-month written guarantee on the health of our pups, please see the contract for details.

All Guesshaus Breeding Dogs are genetically tested for heritable diseases.

You must have approval before reserving a German Shepherd. Complete the Home Approval Application. We accept Pay-Pal, Zelle, and Venmo as preferred electronic payment methods. You may also mail a check.

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